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     kali ini saya ingin shere software  pengmenghitung nilai resistor,software ini dapat menghitung  nilai warna pada resistor beserta persen teloransinya.

jika anda berminat untuk mendownload softwarenya
silahkan download disini:
4shered (size:317kb)

     software ini merupakan salah satu software yang digunakan untuk menggambar layout rangkaiyan elektronik
PCB Designer V1.5.4  ini sangat mudah dioperasikan dan memiliki kemampuan yang sangat baik. Banyak menu yang disediakan meliputi Jalur Lebar pengaturan, Diameter Pad Komponen, Komponen Lubang Ukuran Kaki, Pin DIP IC dan Cetak Printer Settings. Meskipun tidak dilengkapi dengan Auto Route untuk Jalur PCB di  Software PCB Designer v1.5.4 .

download disini
link 4shered (size:1.857 kb)

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Rangkaian Infra Red Remote Tester

Infra Red Remote Tester

The circuit is very effective to test the remote controls what still works or not, the remote record will be tested using infra red. Examples of the TV remote, AC and others. Please try I am sure 100% will be successful.

Rangkaian Remote TesterRangkaian Remote Tester

The workings of the circuit is very simple, when the infra red sensor receive infrared signals pin 2 sensor will produce a voltage, this voltage will drives the PNP transistor so that the LED lamp and piezo disc (BZ) is active. for the power supply you can use a 9 volt battery and then use IC 7805 or use 1.5 volt batteries x 3

Following the specification of components installed
  • Transistor BC557
  • TSOP 1738 Sensor Infra Red
  • R1 = 10k ohm ¼ watt Resistor
  • R2 = 1k ohm ¼ watt Resistor
  • R3 = 1k ohm ¼ watt Resistor
  • BZ = piezo disc
  • led
TSOP 1738 Sensor Infra Red

  • Photodetector and preamplifier circuit in the same casing.
  • Receives and amplifies the infrared signal without any external component.
  • 5 V output (active at level 0).
  • 38 kHz integrated oscillator.
  • High sensitivity.
  • High level of immunity to ambient light.
  • Improved shielding against electrical field interference.
  • TTL and CMOS compatibility.
  • Applications: infrared remote control.
Technical specification
  • Supply: 5 V
  • Power consumption: 0.4 to 1.0 mA
  • Min. Ee irradiation: 0.35 mW/m2 typ.
  • Angle of detection: 90
  • Dimensions of the casing (mm): 12.5 x 10 x Thickness 5.8
  • Temperature range: -25 C to +85 C

By : http://elektroarea.blogspot.com/2010/05/rangkaian-infra-red-remote-tester.html

Rangkaian LED 220VAC Sebagai Lampu Penerangan

The LED has advantages over other lighting technology. LED supposedly can hold up to 100,000 hours. This means that if the LED light 24 hours a day he would hold for 10 years. Whereas Fluorencent lights are usually only able to survive 1-3 years.

This is a modified version of the circuit, Super bright LED Night Light published that can directly connect to the netting PLN (220VAC).
rangkaian LED 220VACSkema rangkaian LED 220VAC

rangkaian LED 220VAC
Dangerous...!! this circuit directly connected to the netting of electricity, voltage 220V electricity it could sting you. Avoid working in damp and directly with ground
This is the circuit of a well tried and reliable 230-volt AC mains operated 24 LEDs (super bright LEDs 50mA). While Practically compare the brightness Between this and 11watts tube circuit, the LED light is much better. The layout is made in such a way, you get uniform Illumination. A photographs of the cicuit is Also given in this post.
By : http://elektroarea.blogspot.com/2010/08/rangkaian-led-220vac-sebagai-lampu.html

600 Watt Darlington Power Amplifier Circuit

This Power amplifier circuit is based around IC audio power amplifier driver (LM4702) manufactured by NATIONAL and darlington power transistors MJ11029 - MJ11028 by ON semiconductors
Rangkaian 600 Watt Darlington Power AmplifierRangkaian 600 Watt
Darlington Power Amplifier

  • Recommended power supply voltage : 30V to 35V
  • Max power supply voltage : 45V

This Power amplifier circuit produces output power up to 300 watts ( 8ohms) pada masing-masing channelnya. It is a high fidelity audio power amplifier. Designed for demanding consumer and pro-audio applications. You can also use this circuit with AV receivers, Audiophile power amps, Pro Audio High voltage industrial applications etc

Amplifier output power maybe scaled by changing the supply voltage and number of output devices. The circuit includes thermal shutdown circuitry that activates when the die temperature exceeds 150. CIRCUIT mute function, when activated, mutes the input drive signal and forces the amplifier output to a quiescent state.

IC audio power amplifier driver
(LM4707) Pinning
By :  http://elektroarea.blogspot.com/2010/11/600-watt-darlington-power-amplifier.html

Rangkaian RTC Berbasis AT89C4051

Rangkaian RTC Berbasis AT89C4051

This is a circuit diagram for the digital clock. Port 1 of the controller (AT89C4051) is Used as the data lines for the 20 x 4 lines LCD display.

The source code for the project is written in C-language, and compiled using Keil C compiler, Can you download the c-code, schematic, and if you do not have a cross compiler then you burn the cans directly on to the HEX file your chips here

Rangkaian RTC Berbasis AT89C4051Skema Rangkaian RTC Berbasis AT89C4051
RTC with Costume fonts Demo
If you think that 'there is a problem in the of availability of the chips mentioned in the schematic, then you cans use AT89C51/AT89C52 Also, make sure That you are using the Same port for the LCD and switches Which are there in the C- files or in the schematic.

in the image above as you cans see the digits are Bigger than the normal size. For this purpose I'm maiking use of the CGRAM of the LCD, Which gives to the user the flexibility to define user defined characters. so to create a character We first need to get the Which values are to be written into the CGRAM area. The CGRAM area starts from address 0x40 and for Every character Which there are eight locations are to be written.

Figure below shows the custom character creation. so Pls We get the values for all the pixels. These values We write to the CGRAM. The Digits 0-9 Can be created with the help of eight custom characters and Standard and Poor.

user defined character
NOTE: You Can only create upto 8 custom characters.

By : http://elektroarea.blogspot.com/2010/05/rangkaian-rtc-berbasis-at89c4051.html